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  • Incremental encoders
    as of
    975.80 DKK
    plus VAT

    Excellent price-performance ratio

    Incremental encoders with IO-Link

    • Versions with and without display
    • Locally programmable via IO-Link 1.1 or 3-key operation
    • M12-connector (axial or radial suitable)
    • Robust, shock and vibration-resistant
    • Wide temperature range of -40 to 85 °C
  • PT100 Resistance Thermometer
    as of
    81.18 DKK
    plus VAT

    Even More Brand Name Quality & Performance

    PT100 sensors from WIKA

    • Wider temperature range -50 to 200 or 260 °C
    • Up to 3 times faster response time
    • Priced 30% less
    • Made in Germany
  • Device circuit breakers
    as of
    146.78 DKK
    plus VAT

    Device Protection from E-T-A, Murrelektronik and Phoenix Contact

    Systems & equipment reliably protected

    • Reliable protection against overload and short circuit
    • Better system availability in the event of failure
    • Optimal utilization of switched-mode power supplies
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    Product highlights with a new look

    The new catalogue is here!

    • Full range of products at a glance
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  • Machine luminaires VARILED
    as of
    582.20 DKK
    plus VAT

    Space-saving and highly luminous

    VARILED machine luminaires

    • Daylight white (5,200 K - 5,700 K)
    • Robust & flat design
    • Various lengths from 100 to 497 mm
    • Subdued PUR casting for uniform illumination
    • High protection rating of IP68
  • Rectangular connectors Harting

    Modular connection technology for every application

    Rectangular connectors
    from Harting

    • Han® - the classic option among heavy duty rectangular connectors
    • Han-Modular® - modules for power, signal, data and compressed air
    • Han-Eco® - the price-optimized modular solution made of plastic
    • Up to 40% below market price
  • 3D-glasses

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    Online shopping in 3D

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Product highlights

Connecting terminal, number of poles: 3, cross- section (solid and stranded) 0.2...4mm², cross-section (fine stranded) 0.14...4mm², nominal current: 32A, cage clamp connection

102.50 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Electronic circuit breaker REF16-S, operating voltage: 24 V DC, rated current: 2 A, alarm output: 1 x NO contact, plug-in socket assembly

200.90 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Temperature transmitter, operating voltage 18...32 V DC, analogue output 4...20 mA, measuring range -50...150 °C, process connection G 1/2, length 50 mm, protection rating IP67/IP68/IP69K, M12 connector, IO-Link 1.1

737.18 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Machine luminaire LEANLED, 24V DC, 6 W, daylight white (5,200K - 5,700K) beam angle: 120°, length: 260 mm, protection: IP54, connection: M12 connector, including stainless steel mounting bracket

512.50 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Ethernet switch, unmanaged, Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, 8 ports RJ45, without PoE, input voltage 9...60V DC, operating temperature 0...55°C, protection IP30

861.00 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Shielded sensor cable, female M12 connector, straight, 8-pole, A-coded, 5 m PUR cable halogen-free, protection rating: IP67

180.40 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Variable speed starter, single-phase power supply connection, three-phase motor connection 230V AC, 4.3 A / 0.75 kW, integrated EMC filter, screw-type terminals

1,066.00 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Control cabinet, grey door, 2-point closing, hinges long side, 400 x 300 x 210 mm (H x W x D), polycarbonate, protection rating IP66, temperature range -40...80°C, incl. screws and mounting plate

466.58 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Compact status light, red, operating voltage: 24V DC, protection IP65, spring clamp terminals

176.30 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Strap-on resistance thermometer, PT100/Class A, 4-wire, measuring range: -50...200 °C, reaction time (T05/T09): 1.4/4.7 s, probe used: square 6 x 6 mm, probe material: aluminium, length: 35mm, protection: IP67, 2.0 m silicone cable

89.38 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Incremental encoder, hollow shaft open to one side Ø 12 mm, magnetic detection system, resolution: 1...10,000 (factory setting 1024), Output: HTL, TTL 50 mA, IO-Link 1.1, visual display, programming options: resolution, rotational direction, HTL, TTL, speed monitoring, pre-set counter, protection rating: IP65/IP67 (housing side), IP64 (shaft side), M12 connector (8-pole)

1,385.80 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock

Laser distance measuring, OUT1: NO / NC programmable, OUT 2: NO / NC programmable or analogue (4...20mA / 0...10V, scalable), DC PNP, range 0.2...10m, 4-digit alphanumeric display, protection rating IP67, M12 connector

1,631.80 DKK
plus VAT plus Dispatch
In stock
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