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3D-Product Overview:
Pressure gauge WIKA 111.10 - 9052810
Pressure gauge WIKA 213.53 - 9021876
Heat-shrink conduit CUBE 91733013 - CUBE HSD-T3 9/3 6M SW
Terminal block PHOENIX 3044131 - UT 6
Terminal block PHOENIX 3211813 - PT 6
Siemens LOGO! 12/24RC - 6ED1052-1MD00-0BA6
Siemens LOGO! TD TEXTDISPLAY - 6ED1055-4MH00-0BA0
Siemens LOGO! POWER 24V 2,5A - 6EP1332-1SH43
Inductive sensor ifm electronic IGS205
Inductive sensor ifm electronic IIT231
Inductive sensor Automation24 IM5163
Diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression ifm electronic O4H500
Retro-reflective sensor Automation24 OGP108
Laser distance sensor with background suppression Automation24 O1D214
Pressure Sensor ifm electronic PN7004
Automation24 PC6705
Pressure Sensor Automation24 PC6710
Pressure Sensor ifm electronic PQ7834
Pressure Sensor ifm electronic PI2794
Pressure Sensor ifm electronic PG2794
Pressure Sensor ifm electronic PG2454
Ultrasonic sensor microsonic mic+600/D/TC
Ultrasonic sensor microsonic pico+100/WK/F
Ultrasonic sensor microsonic zws-24/CD/QS
M12 sensor/actuator box PHOENIX 1452848 - SACB-8/8-L-C SCO P
Temperature transmitter Automation24 TC6700
Power supply unit PHOENIX 2868651 - STEP-PS/ 1AC/24DC/2.5
Power supply unit PHOENIX 2866310 - TRIO-PS/ 1AC/24DC/ 5
Optical fork sensor di-soric OGU 051 P3K-TSSL
Temperature sensor ifm electronic TN2531
PT100 temperature transmitter ifm electronic TP3237
Flow monitor ifm electronic SI5000
Control monitor for flow sensors ifm electronic SN0150
Magnetic-inductive flow meter ifm electronic SM6000
Mechatronic flow meter ifm electronic SBY332
Point level sensor ifm electronic LMT100
Level sensorifm electronic LR7000
Inductive ring sensor di-soric IR 25 PSOK-IBS
Double push-button complete device Eaton 216509 - M22-DDL-GR-X1/X0/K1/230-W
Push-button complete device Eaton 216522 - M22-D-G-X1/KC11/I
E-stop complete device Eaton 216516 - M22-PV/K11
Selector button complete device Eaton 216520 - M22-WRK3/K20
Foot and palm switch Eaton 229748 - FAK-R/V/KC11/IY
Compact starter Siemens 3RA6250-1AB32
Circuit breaker Siemens 3RV2011-0AA10
Main contactor Siemens 3RT2015-1AP01
Main contactor Siemens 3RT2025-1AP00
Overload relay Siemens 3RU2116-0AB0
Overload relay Siemens 3RU2126-1CB0
Motor starter Siemens 3RM1001-1AA04
Contactor relay Siemens 3RH2140-1AP00
Compact starter Siemens 3RA6120-1AB32
Siemens CPU 1215C - 6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0
Siemens CSM 1277 - 6GK7277-1AA10-0AA0
Siemens CM 1243-5 - 6GK7243-5DX30-0XE0
Siemens SM 1231 RTD - 6ES7231-5PF32-0XB0
SIMATIC Basic Panel Siemens KTP400 Basic PN - 6AV2123-2DB03-0AX0
Electronic load circuit breaker Murrelektronik MICO CLASSIC 4.6 - 9000-41034-0100600
Siemens LOGO!8 12/24 RCE - 6ED1052-1MD00-0BA8
Speed monitor ifm electronic DD0203 - D200/FR1A 110-240VAC 24VDC
Fast Ethernet Switch, unmanaged, 5-Ports - HARTING Ha-VIS eCon 2050B-A
Compressed air meter ifm electronic SD5000
Analogue multifunction timer relays Selec 600XU-A-1-CU
Power supply unit PHOENIX 2902999 - UNO-PS/ 1AC/12DC/55W
Surface mount machine luminaire LED2WORK 110614-01 - MIDILED 10W
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